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What is Entergy Solutions Rewards?

Entergy Solutions Rewards is a free, online energy advisory service provided by Entergy Arkansas. It is the first online service for Arkansas residents that provides personalized energy savings recommendations and rewards Entergy Arkansas customers based on how much energy they save! Entergy Solutions Rewards provides tools that: Create ways for you to save money while benefiting the planet. Empower you to engage with your local community to help solve critical energy and environmental issues. Reward smart decisions with discounts at national retailers.

How does the Entergy Solutions Rewards program work and how do I get rewarded for saving energy?

When you reduce your monthly energy bill, you will earn points in the Entergy Solutions Rewards program. For every weather-adjusted kilowatt-hour in energy savings compared to the prior year, you will earn two points, up to 350 points per month. Your energy savings is calculated by taking one month of your energy usage and comparing it against your energy usage the prior year. (Changes in weather are taken into account when calculating your savings.) You must have lived in your current address for a minimum of 12 months to earn points for year-over-year energy savings. In order to earn or redeem rewards points, you must link your Entergy Arkansas account. You cannot earn more than 5,000 points per year. Your points will expire 12 months from the date of award.

How much does it cost to participate in Entergy Solutions Rewards?

Entergy Solutions Rewards is free for everyone! Participation is limited to customers of Entergy Arkansas.

How do seasonal differences in how I use energy affect my ability to earn points?

Entergy Solutions Rewards accounts for weather and climate factors when analyzing your energy usage, so you are not penalized due to changes in season or drastic weather effects. Your savings and points are based on comparing your bill to your past behavior and we control for changes in weather. This means you can still earn points regardless of weather effects. However, you can only earn points for your savings from your electricity usage. Using natural gas, fuel oil and other fuels more efficiently should be part of your overall energy efficiency goals, but you will only receive rewards for your electricity savings.

I'm concerned about privacy and sharing my energy usage information. Can I still participate in the program?

Entergy Solutions Rewards only reads your total kilowatt-hour (kWh) electricity usage on a monthly basis and does not share this information with anyone else. All savings recommendations are estimates based on assumptions that rely on your usage history, publicly available information and any other information you provide. To participate in the rewards program, you must agree to share your kWh usage data with Entergy Solutions Rewards by linking your Entergy Arkansas account.

The Home Information section on my Entergy Solutions Rewards Profile page is already filled out. Some of the information is correct, but some of it is incorrect. What do I do?

Entergy Solutions Rewards takes educated guesses about your household's energy profile based on your zip code or actual address. Please edit any inaccurate information as it will help us give you better advice and track your savings more effectively. If you aren't sure if a piece of information is correct, we recommend leaving it as it is.